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Protect Your Family With Our Care Plan

Preventative Dentistry

Research proves that regular preventative dentistry greatly reduces the risk of dental diseases and sows the seeds of a lifetime of healthier teeth for your child

For peace of mind that all of your family's preventative dentistry costs are covered - consider our dental plans

Is Better Than 

Sensible Budget Options

To encourage good dental health, we have arranged four dental plans to reward loyal patients who believe, as we do, that the best way to be dentally well is to regularly care for your teeth and allow us to keep a close eye on your dental care

For a small regular payment (plus a £10 set up fee) the Odiham Dental Care Plan Gives You

  • Regular dental health appointments
  • Regular hygienist appointments
  • Digital x rays as required
  • Further discounts on treatment
  • Diet and oral hygiene advice
  • Membership card with 24 hour helpline numbers for dental emergencies for home and abroad
  • Worldwide supplementary insurance

Children's Plan

  • Only £10.30 per month
  • Available for young people between 12-18 years
  • 2 Dental health appointments per year
  • 5% discounts on any further treatments

Adult Plans

Odiham dental prevention plan - Basic

  • £10:61 per month
  • 1 Annual Dentist Appt.
  • 1 Annual Hygienist Appt.
  • 5% Treatment Discount


  • £18:76 per month
  • 2 Annual Dentist Appt.
  • 2 Annual Hygienist Appt.
  • 10% Treatment Discount


  • £29.19 per month
  • 2 Annual Dentist Appt.
  • 4 Annual Hygienist Appt.
  • 10% Treatment Discount

Further Information About Our Plan

  • No need to be dentally fit to be considered - just join up
  • Any treatments not covered by your plan may be paid for separately (with your 10% discount)
  • To ensure we deliver exemplary service, we just require one month’s notice to cancel
  • For further information, click one of the buttons below:

Information on the worldwide supplementary insurance can be found here

DPAS privacy statement can be found here

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